saknar dig pappa!

Wintertime has come Everyone´s homeward bound
It´s December and there are Christmas decorations all around
But in here it´s all the same I´ve got no Christmas tree
I`ve just got time to kill in a house full of memories

Come New Year Midsummer
Thanks Giving Saint Valentines day
That ain´t nothin´ compared to Christmas
That´s the time I miss you the most
That´s the time I miss you the most

You know how they say All wounds slowly heel
Oh how I wish that was so But it´s not how I feel
Deep inside of me There´s still a growin´ hole
Outside it´s freezin´ cold And dark just like my soul

Oh I never thought I´d sit here on my own
No I never pictured the Christmases all alone
And now so many have come and gone

Postat av: Carolina - Olina

Jag tänker på dig älskade <3

2009-12-05 @ 00:23:42

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